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Studio apartment from The Pillars Senior Living

Benefits of Studio Independent Living for Seniors | The Pillars of Prospect Park


Benefits of Studio Apartment Living for Seniors

As we age, the upkeep and maintenance of a larger home can become difficult, even for the most active adults and seniors. The senior and active adult population is on the rise and many are looking for sustainable downsizing options to live comfortably. Does this sound like you or your loved one? Consider a studio apartment. The benefits of studio living may surprise you!


Benefits of Downsizing to a Studio Apartment

There are many factors that draw seniors to consider downsizing. Maintenance and upkeep of their homes, children have moved out of the house, health and safety concerns, or simply looking for an “all in one” luxury senior living community with activities and assisted living services available to them. Studio senior living apartments are a great option because they are much more affordable and can help extend your private pay finances should you need financial assistance down the road.

Often times people think the more space, the better, which is not always the case, especially for seniors. Studio apartments help seniors reduce the amount of stuff you are caring for and reduce the risk of hazards around your space. In senior living communities, like any of our Pillars locations, there are no yards to maintain and we handle maintenance.


Other Unexpected Benefits of Smaller Living

Typically senior apartments located in cities or bustling suburbs mean living in an apartment that can give you greater access to transportation, more opportunities for socializing within a community or access or activities around your city, and lower overall housing costs. Plus, more free time to pursue the hobbies, activities, and sports that interest you. 

Renting a senior studio apartment can allow you to live in a location you truly want to be, versus having a home that you are bound to stay in that location. Apartment living can be fulfilling and joyful if you see the true benefits it can have for seniors starting new adventures! 


Independent Living at Pillars of Prospect Park

The Pillars of Prospect Park is located in the heart of Minneapolis, with strong ties to the University of Minnesota campus, placing you or your loved one next to all of the incredible food, activies, and adventure Minneapolis has to offer. Our residents love the freedom a small-sized apartment brings to their life, while they still get to enjoy everything a senior living community offers, like incredible food, lovely outdoor spaces, and numerous activities to choose from.


What Is Important to You?

Narrowing down what is important to you is critical in deciding what your needs are. The common answers we hear are: safety, quality care, and quality living. Then, after determining what is important to you, we can find a space that fits those needs. Many times, the shock of a studio apartment being the right fit is the option families go with. But, think back to the conversation of why your loved one needs a senior community (falls, isolation, not eating right, social opportunities, and needed care), none of those reasons involved having a large one or two bedroom apartment. 

Plus, you’ll have the whole community as your home – that’s more space and more opportunities for living than the home you knew. With less stuff and more time, you or your loved one will appreciate the better quality of life.


Ideas to Make Your Studio Apartment Feel Like Home:

  • Pick a color scheme, decor, and personalize to your own style

  • Get creative with shelving, storage, and organization

  • Use a decorative divider

  • Decide on a comfy twin/full size bed with cozy bedding that feels like home

  • Use curtains to define your space

  • Wall shelves can double as a place for decorations and convenient storage! 

  • Double duty furniture (ex: ottoman that doubles as storage)

  • Get the floorplan with dimensions and outline what is necessary to bring with you & what you can pass along to family

For more resources on apartment living for seniors or tips on downsizing, visit our blog for more information


We’re Here to Support You

We understand that making the decision to move yourself or a loved one into a senior living community and a studio apartment is hard. That’s why we’re here to help support you, guide you, and let you know that it’s okay.

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