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What’s in our blog? With a community as unique as ours, a lot of different things! Read up on what’s happening around The Pillars Prospect Park, health and wellness content for active seniors, practical tips and advice, and whatever else happens to inspire us in the moment.

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The Pillars of Prospect Park new website

A Brand New Website | The Pillars of Prospect Park

What To Expect From The New Site

There are many new and exciting features we incorporate into the new website… Let’s discuss! 

Design and Functionality

Our new website features a beautiful and modern new design filled with interactive elements that guide users throughout the pages and to where they can easily find the service or information they need. 

We made icons, photos, and other elements to the website that features a “hover” effect and many of them you can click on! 

Images and Video

In this new website, it was our goal to have new and improved photos but also incorporate videos. Videos are a great way for you to see the best parts of our community. We provide videos of our building, inside our community center, apartments, and interviews from staff members you’d see day-to-day at Prospect Park. 

Apartment Availability

Another integrative feature on our new website is “Apartment Availability”. This feature allows you to see what apartments are currently available, floor plans, and cost of different layouts. This is an exciting feature that we’re thrilled to share with our prospective residents, to make the searching process seamless and comprehensive for them! Check it out for yourself!

Same Services You Love

While there are many new elements to our website, of course we couldn’t forget the services our residents and their families love about The Pillars. Finding information about our Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Memory Care are easier than ever. Information about our community and services and amenities we provide can be found across our website. 

We are so excited to share this news with you and hope you give our new website a tour for yourself! As always (and this did not change), you can find us on our Facebook with all the fun events happening at our Prospect Park location.

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