Stay By The Day at The Pillars of Lakeville in Lakeville, Minnesota

Stay By The Day

Woman reading at The Pillars of Lakeville in Lakeville, Minnesota

Stay by the Day in Lakeville, Minnesota

Flexible care with considerate support: The Stay by the Day program at The Pillars of Lakeville was designed to move with you through every step of your 14- to 30-day recovery journey. In our Assisted Living or Dimensions Memory Care community, we invite you to join us for a short-term stay in a fully furnished apartment, where you or your loved one will be met with empathetic care from our warm team of caregivers who love what they do. With all-inclusive care available around the clock, engaging events, and plentiful amenities for all seasons, you’ll be in good company while healing.

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We’re only a call away 24/7, but we will always respect your privacy and autonomy. Life at The Pillars of Lakeville fosters increased independence without all of the maintenance – a combination that leaves you more time for social events, shared meals in our dining room, and plenty of freedom to soak up the joys and comforts of life in Lakeville.

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