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How Seniors Can Avoid Isolation During The Winter Months

How Seniors Can Avoid Isolation During The Winter Months

The winter months in Minnesota can be a difficult time for seniors. The days are shorter, it gets darker earlier, the weather is colder with little sun, and anyone is bound to have the summer blues. Waiting for spring to arrive can cause feelings of restlessness for many seniors, making it difficult for them to get outside and maintain daily routines and activities.

It’s no surprise that the winter season increases the risk of depression due to social isolation. Ensuring our seniors have mental and emotional support during these cold weather months is critical in maintaining healthy emotional and physical well-being. The Pillars of Lakeville Luxury Senior Living Community is dedicated to guiding our seniors through these long months with various activities, social events, and emotional support.

Engaging Social Events for Seniors

Socialization is a key component to preventing isolation, and sometimes, the most difficult aspect is making the plans themselves. One easy way to do this is by attending your senior living community center events. When designing our activities calendar at The Pillars of Lakeville, we consider all seven components of wellness: emotional, physical, intellectual, spiritual, social, environmental, and occupational.

If your family lives nearby, asking them to join community events and visit you during winter months can add valuable conversation and connection to your daily activities. Having activities on your calendar boosts your energy and gives you something to look forward to!

Our community centers also have tons of activities, fitness, and social areas for you to enjoy:

Fitness Center

Renew Salon and Spa

Pickleball Court


Fourth Floor Deck and Loft

Game Room with Billiards and Shuffleboard

Dining Room, Private Dining Room, and Outdoor Dining Patio

Memory Care Garden Patio

Enclosed Link to Crossroads Church, Christian Heritage Academy, and Four Square Early Learning Center

Mezzanine Library

Maintain A Healthy Diet

The saying “when you eat good, you feel good” holds true, especially during cold months when comfort foods and holidays consume our time. Seniors who live alone have a greater risk of malnutrition. Some seniors simply do not have the energy to prepare a meal for one, while others are used to going out for meals and aren’t able to do so when the weather is bad.

Our chef-prepared meals allow seniors to eat healthy, fresh, and well-balanced meals without worrying about what to cook. Our trained staff uses fresh ingredients and makes cozy winter classic dishes, so you never miss out on the comforts of a home-cooked meal.

Stay Socially Connected

Technology can be beneficial for staying connected and preventing isolation, especially if your family does not live near you. The internet can provide endless opportunities, from video calling to movies and TV shows, educational games, and so much more. If you’re on social media, connecting with friends and family through messaging can be a great way to stay in contact when leaving the house can be more difficult. Reading and renting books from your local library is another great way to keep yourself busy, which can all be downloaded easily to a phone or tablet.

Asking For Help

Lastly, it is important to know when you need help or assistance. If you are feeling isolated or depressed, it is critical to reach out to someone in your community or a professional for intervention. Winter is a difficult and emotional season for many, and needing increased assistance is completely normal. Please reach out to our team for assistance if needed.

Luxury Independent Senior Living at The Pillars of Lakeville

Our brand-new luxury senior living community in the beautiful and booming city of Lakeville invites you to live your best life in one of our pet-friendly one or two bedroom Independent Living apartments. Your needs are covered with chef-prepared meals, daily activities, and housekeeping at any level that suits your lifestyle. It’s everything you need and nothing you don’t – maximizing daily efficiency and free time to make the most of each day. That leaves a lot more time for card games with friends and relaxing evenings around the firepit.

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